We are developing and investing in UK property, delivering high returns for our investment partners.

We partner with investors who share our core values of providing high quality, beautifully designed homes in the UK where there is currently a housing shortage. Our investors leverage our time, knowledge and expertise in delivering quality property investments which facilitate the growth of their investment and long term wealth.  

By focusing on quality and creative design, our properties achieve the high rents for the area, maximising financial returns for our investors and minimising rental voids. We have worked with investors in the three ways set our below.



We make UK property investing simple for people who want to benefit from high quality property investments without the investment of their own time or resources. Our investors can benefit from a passive income on a fixed term, backed by a bricks and mortar asset and a team of experienced property investment professionals with core skills in creative design, space planning and quality project management.



Our property Joint Venture (JV) partners enjoy a closer relationship with us by investing in an investment property as joint partners. Property Joint Venture’s are an efficient way for time poor investors to leverage our experience and time to access great returns and passive income from a property investment. You can apply to join our exclusive group of JV partners who we actively invest with.



We are working with one of the UK’s most successful developers in commercial to residential conversions. We are leveraging a great opportunity in the market at present to deliver low risk, high return investments for our property Joint Venture partners who invest in our buy to sell commercial to residential conversion projects.


Investment property we specialise in:


An HMO (house of multiple occupancy as (defined by the Housing Act 2004) is a residential property which is rented to multiple, unrelated, individuals who share amenities like kitchens and bathroom facilities.

Financially speaking, HMO’s are one of the best, high cash flow property investment strategies due to the increased rental income that comes from renting a single property to multiple individuals.   

Commercial to Residential Conversions

A Commercial to Residential Conversion is where an existing building with a commercial use class (i.e. office blocks, light industrial unit) is converted into a residential building, typically consisting of 1 and 2 bed flats.

There is currently a fantastic opportunity in the market for property developers to convert various classes of commercial buildings (i.e. offices, shops) into residential investment property without needing to apply for planning permission.

Introduced by the UK government, the Prior Approval scheme which is part of Permitted Development Rights provides pre-approved planning consent with the aim of reducing the shortage of homes available within the UK. This provides property developers and property investors with a relatively low risk, high ROI strategy as full planning is not required.


Do you share our vision for providing quality homes? Want to know how we can work together on our next investment property?